How has app marketing strategy changed in the last two years?

How has app marketing strategy changed in the last two years?

Mobile and app marketing strategy

Mobile devices have continued to develop at a great pace for the past few years and there have been some changes in app marketing strategy in the past two years.  There are certain fabulous features which has made our mobiles our wallets and assistant. These days we just cannot think of leaving our home without mobile phones. Here we will discuss about the ways the app marketing strategy has changed in the last two years.

What has not changed with app marketing?

As far as getting more number of users is concerned the marketers of app continue to use mobile ad networks and optimisation of app store.

Engagement is still the primary focus for apps

There are many features which play an important role in engaging the users such as in-app messages, using push and emails.  Push is an outstanding feature for engaging the users.

Even in-app messages have acquired a perfect place in the tool section of app marketing.  With more refined copy and styling you can have more effective interaction with users. The in-app messages are delivered when the user is engaged with the app which is good for some particular in-app actions.

What has changed?

Focus on personalisation

Personalisation has become the primary focus as far as the world of app marketing is concerned.  These days marketing depends a lot on relationship across all type of mediums. Apps are working hard in order to see that content of app is personalised for individual users.

Apps have been regular to follow personalisation into features like in-app campaigns and push. These days the automation of marketing is still present due to which apps are able to create campaigns that can be highly targeted.

Predictive marketing and better retention

The inclusion of predictive marketing is another achievement in the history of app marketing. Predictive marketing is very useful as it allows the brand to make out taht which users will become future prospects.

More mediums to interact and remarket

With the help of social sites like Face book, Twitter and Instagram the apps can reach their audience in a very effective way. Moreover app have implemented marketing in their campaigns which involve engagement and acquisition. There is always a benefit of remarketing as it allows app to promote their products. It also provides great option for interaction with users who have come out of push notifications.

These are some of the changes that app marketing strategy has seen in the past two years.