Beacons Offer Bright Business Opportunities to Retailers


Bluetooth Beacons are small wireless devices which transmit a continuous signal for devices like smartphones and tablets that are near them. The signal emanating from these devices can be picked up by smartphones and related devices if they have the relevant apps installed. The app recognizes the signal and triggers a certain action as a display of a personalized message on the screen. This location detection ability of beacons makes these small devices operating on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology invaluable interaction tools for marketers. Their small size, low battery consumption, enhanced range capabilities and the possibility of interaction only with in-range devices has made them an instant hit with marketers. They are increasingly making use of beacons location awareness capabilities to send contextually relevant push notifications to their customers.

World of Beacons and bright opportunities for businesses

Proximity data provided by beacons can allow brick-and-mortar retailers to take personal interaction with their customers to a whole new level. These small communication devices can help marketers gain deeper insights into the shopping pattern and behaviors of their customers.  For example, marketers and retailers by deploying beacons can keep a track on how long on an average the customer spends in his shop and more specifically in which aisle is looking at what products. Awareness about customers’ activities i.e. how much time they spend in your store in comparison to other stores and looking at what products, may allow you to retarget them in a more noble and innovative way. You can redesign your ads or apps to more actively and efficiently engage with your target audience.

Beacons can help generate customer loyalty

Beacons present an excellent way for retailers to build more close and personal bonds with their customers. Retailers can make the physical presence of their customers more pleasant and convenient by offering them convenient transactions based on their purchasing patterns.

Eddystone and iBeacons

These two are communication protocols through which beacons communicate with other devices. The former is developed by Google and the second by Apple. Both are good and offer seamless beacon deployment. You can choose beacons which support either software protocol or both.

RFID asset tracking system 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset tracking system provides asset tracking right from the time you acquire your asset to the time you retire it. The system automatically updates the location and visibility of your assets in the process making you well aware of where your assets are. Their asset tracking capabilities in real time make them invaluable for asset tracking for organizations operating in law enforcement, education, etc.