What do we do?

SEO Vancouver will make your website appealing and will increase the number of searchers you have on a daily basis. We have seen how SEO works and what effects does it have. If there is confusion, everything will be summarized in this article from what is SEO to how to correctly write SEO content.

SEO – Searching Engine Optimization

As you probably know, SEO stands for Searching Engine Optimization and is a way in which your website is probable to appear on the first pages on a searching engine. Writing SEO content is a bit of a challenge, but with the right instructions, it can be beautifully done.


Brainstorm before you post on your website. Clear up your ideas and make them understandable. Reflect on in which order you do want to present the information as well as what is the purpose of the text. What do you want your readers to think at the end of the article? Answer yourself these questions and then start writing the article.

It’s all about structure

Your website should look in a certain way. People want to see beautifully done web pages with explicit documents and nicely structured. Keep in mind that you need to have a little bit of introduction, where you describe what you are going to present; a body in which you give the main message or the services you are offering as well as a conclusion where you should summarize the most important ideas or, why not, come up with a new idea. Use paragraph to make people know that you are structured, and you have all the information right there, in front of their eyes. Also, use specific headings. If you do not have the heading explicit enough, you will have your customers searching for that information based on the heading; they will not find it, and they will give up, leaving your website.

Let other people give you opinion

It is a good idea to give your article to a close friend or someone you trust to read it to come up with an objective view as well as if there are misunderstood and it is a good idea to ask them if they understand the main idea. If they do not, you should rewrite the article.


If you discussed a particular topic in a prior article, don’t forget to link it. If you keep talking about the article you are currently writing concerning the one discussed in the past and not linking it, people will get confused, and they will most likely leave the website.


These are the main rules SEO Vancouver follow. If you want professional SEO writing, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts who can assure you the best traffic and rank as high as possible on searching engines.