This tumbler, made by Ozark, is an affordable tumbler that has been specifically designed and engineered to use similar advanced technology to very expensive and high end brands like Yeti, but to make their products accessible by keeping costs low. Those who are loyalists to the Ozark Trail say that the function is actually higher than the Yeti, and that the only thing you are sacrificing by choosing Ozark is the prestige that comes along with more expensive, popular brands. Ozark is generally a product that is specifically found at Wal-Mart, as the department store has a merchandising deal with the brand.

Like most of its competitors at the top of the high end tumbler line, this extremely inexpensive product shares the key features of the best tumblers on the market: it is made from BPA-free, 18/8 stainless steel, and it is double-walled and vacuum-sealed. These features allow the temperature to remain consistent in retaining its original temperature, whether it is hot or cold, for an impressively long length of time. The steel is rust-proof and sweat-free, and, in general, this tumbler is built to last an extensive amount of time. It is difficult to foresee the sturdy, steel tumbler breaking, but if it were to, it is backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty.  The design is not quite as flashy or slick as some other tumblers, but it is not an ugly cup, and the price is so low that this becomes a difficult option to resist.

If you are someone who likes to drink from a tumbler-specific straw, this is not the tumbler for you, unfortunately, as the lid does not hold a stainless steel straw, like some of its competitors do. Still, a standard plastic straw suits your needs and desires, it will certainly fit in the mouthpiece of the lid. It is definitely better to wash this tumbler by hand, as it says in the manual, but the item is actually dishwasher safe-- it is just better for the vacuum seal to be washed by hand rather than in the machine.

Generally, this tumbler is just as effective in the same ways as similar products made by more prestigious brands, and it usually costs the consumer around ⅓ of the money that it costs to purchase the more expensive competitors. I like the Ozark trail a lot, and think that it is a great tumbler.