The growing popularity of 360 video cameras

A brief introduction to 360 video cameras

There is no doubt in the fact that 360 video camera has bought a big change in shooting videos and photos. There was a time when shooting a video was only limited to professionals with good budgets. But now there has been a drastic change and you can see video on various social media platforms. For the past one year or so there has been a revolution in the 360 video camera market and now they are available as reasonable prices. Today you can buy 360 video cameras for about$1000 and the best part is that the cameras of this range are not too big and gives very good results.

Uses of 360 video cameras


The 360 video camera has become very popular in the security industry as it keeps a check in a very efficient way.AS far s the world of surveillance is concerned the 360 video camera have shown a  very promising growth.

No blind spots

The 360 video camera gives you the coverage of your entire area and there are no blind spots. Due to this quality the 360 video cameras are widely used in places like parking lot, banks, shopping malls and hospitals.

Money saving

In many cases the end user always gets some benefit as it saves him money for the increased number of cameras used. The credit for this goes to the fish eye technology.

Fixed parts of 360 video camera

The 360 video camera does not have any moving parts due to which you can install it any location. Since you do have to move any part to any other location you can install this video camera very easily. Moreover the parts of this camera are fixed at one point due to which they last longer.

Real value for money

The 360 video cameras of today are loaded with features. The good news for you is that recently a number of low-priced 360 video cameras have hit the market. These 360 video cameras have fantastic features like game-changing, panorama shots and spherical images. This allows you to manipulate the scenes as per your requirement.


Thus we see that the 360 video camera is your best option if you want to capture your favourite moments in a special manner. These video cameras have outstanding features which can transform the look of a video or picture from ordinary to extraordinary. There is no doubt that 360 video cameras are here to stay for long.