How the heritage made Burnaby desirable place to visit

How the heritage made Burnaby desirable place to visit


The city of Burnaby BC has a long history and thus the monuments that are in it have different meanings. Whether you are just passing by, or you are going to visit the city, stay and enjoy there, there are some places that you should visit and that represent a national treasure.

  1. The memorial granite drinking fountain

This fountain is a monument in the city dedicated to those who lost their lives in World War I. The fountain was placed in a different place before, but together within the Burnaby Village Museum was relocated at the place that it is today, and stays there since then.

The memorial fountain has a great heritage value for the citizens; it is a civic, early monument, that was constructed by the local stonemason William Williamson, with local materials. The first representation of the fountain to the people of the city was in 1923, by the Burnaby Civic Employees Union – now it is CUPE Local 23, and its earlier location was Kingsway and Edmonds Street. It has engraved a memorial at the top in honor of the people who died.


  1. Meaning of the fountain

The fountain represents the strong and important connection of the prominence of the people’s labor in the city, it was decided to be built by the citizens themselves, not the government, and it represents also the strength and durability of the people.


  1. The use of the function

A lot of memorials were destroyed and are just static and passive. This one is a drinking fountain, which makes the fountain active for the citizens and has some role in their lives, besides the historical one. Also the dogs are drinking water at the bottom from the left. As a heritage monument, the true value of the fountain is together within the Museum of the city, and was moved there in 1974. The defining elements of the monument were the carved emblematic maple leaf, engraved memorial at the top, B.C. granite construction, bowl for drinking water for the dogs and a drinking function. Now it is at the Deer Lake Park, in the Morley-Buckingham Area.


  1. Other buildings as a part of the national heritage

The people of the city definitely have what to see. It is a rich community in heritage, culture and arts. Those who love the culture and the history need to visit these places: Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Simon Fraser University Art Gallery, Michael J. Fox Theater, and SFU Museum of Archeology & Technology in order to have different experiences from Burnaby.