Recliner Chair Buying Guide


For a little while now, the best recliners have become a man’s best friend. The reasons are obvious and fair enough: it provides comfort, exquisite support and several other stylish features. The advancements in technology and trends have been evolved. This recliner chair buying guide would help you understand the different types of recliners and the different features they have. From comfort to shape and design, there are several other features that you must consider.

Important features:

There are several features that you want to keep in mind. Give yourself time to explore these important aspects before you purchase a recliner chair for your house:

Glider or Rocker Base: This type of recliner chair allows you to rock. It is perfect for people who have trouble nursing their child or sleeping.

Swivel Base: It comes with a motion feature which allows you to face and pivot at any direction you want to. This type of recliner chair is the best for offices.

Massage: Featuring a vibrating device, massage chairs are perfect for relaxation. It offers great benefit to those who are suffering from joint and muscle aches.

Power: The power recliners are operated electrically with a handset. By simply pressing a button you can change the position and angle of the chair.

Wall-Saver: The wall saver features gives you the benefit of reclining next to the wall in a given space. It is a great choice for small spaces and apartments with small rooms.


Lay flat: This recliner is exactly how the name suggests. It allows you to fully recline back in a flat position. It is perfect for people suffering from insomnia and other sleeping disorders.


Removable back: Many new inventions in reclining chairs allow you to remove the back of the chair. It is convenient when you want to change the fabric or shift the chair.



  • When buying a recliner chair, ensure that your legs do not touch the ground as it would affect your balance and comfort.
  • Avoid buying hard leather as it would be comfortable to sit on during summers
  • If you have a small space, avoid buying swivel or glider as it often requires more space
  • If you want to save money but buy a leather chair, consider vinyl. It is cheaper yet gives the same luxurious look
  • The best recliners come with maximum strength and less gap between the legs and arms.